Q: What health plans do you accept? I want to make sure that you accept my insurance before I become a new patient there.

A: We accept the following insurance products: Blue Cross Blue Shield (Community Blue, Community Care, Senior Blue), Independent Health (including Encompass 65), Univera (Senior Choice, Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus-A only), Medicare, Fidelis, United Healthcare, GHI, NOVA, Health America, Tricare, Magna Care, Cigna, Beech Street, and PHCS.

This list may not be all inclusive, as many plans have one insurance product within another. Please call the office if you do not see your insurance listed.

Q:  I donít have insurance. Do you discount fees for uninsured patients?

A:  Yes, uninsured patients will be charged our usual and customary charge but then have a 20% discount applied to provider services, if the bill is paid in full on the day of the visit.

Q:  The office is closed but I have an urgent problem. Should I go to the Emergency Room?

A:  We strive to deliver healthcare in the proper setting. We ask that you do not go to the emergency room unless you are having a life threatening issue (urgent chest pain or breathing issues, severe allergic reaction, severe bleeding) or you are directed there by your provider or our office staff. In a true emergency please call 911. Otherwise always call our office first, including nights, weekends and holidays. An answering serviced staffed by a Registered Nurse will be able to take your call when the office is closed.

Q: I ran out of my medications and donít have an appointment scheduled for 2 weeks. What should I do?

A:  We try to supply adequate medication refills at the time of your visit, but if you need a refill on a medication between appointments please notify your pharmacy. We are a part of the Surescripts electronic prescribing network, and your requests are sent to us electronically from the pharmacy. If you require a written prescription for mail order, syringes or controlled medications, please call our office and your request will be directed to your healthcare provider.

Q:  I just completed lab work and diagnostic testing that my healthcare provider ordered. Do I have to make an appointment or wait until my next appointment to receive those results?

A:   No, your provider will send you your results in the mail as soon as (s)he reviews them. If there is an abnormal report that needs an urgent intervention you would be called by your provider. If two weeks passes and you have not received a result, please give us a call.

Q:  My son/daughter came home from school today and needs a physical to participate in sports.  (S)he just had a well child check or physical in the office 9 months ago.  Do I need to bring him/her in to the office to have this paperwork filled out?

A:  No, if your child has had a well child check or physical within one year we are able to fill out the form for you, or print the notes from the last physical completed in the office. You are welcome to drop the form off at our office and we will take care of it for you. You also may give us permission to have the forms faxed to the school.

Q:  I am an established patient of Westfield Family Physicians and I am in need of a handicap parking permit. How do I go about getting that process started?

A:  New York State requires that specific guidelines are followed in determining if a patient is eligible for a handicap parking permit. We are aware of the requirements and follow them strictly. If you have had a recent visit with us, please drop off the paperwork and we will determine if the healthcare provider is able to fill it out without an appointment. We will let you know if it is necessary for you to make an appointment.

Q: I forgot to ask the healthcare provider something when I was in for my appointment. Do I need to schedule another appointment?

A:  If you need to ask the provider a simple question, or clarify something the provider told you , we can handle that through the Patient Portal over the phone in most cases. When calling, let the receptionist know that you have a non-urgent question for your provider. She will have the nurse call you back to see if she can help. If needed, the nurse will relay your question to the provider.
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Thursday November 23, 2017
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Q:  I am moving and need my medical records sent to my new healthcare provider. How do I get my medical records transferred?

A:  Please call our Westfield office at 716.326.4678 and enter extension 222 (Medical Records).  Due to privacy laws a Authorization to Disclose Health Information  needs to be signed by you giving us permission to transfer a copy of  your records to your new provider. You may click on the name of the form here Authorization to Disclose Health Information or we will mail or fax it to you.