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Sunday September 24, 2017
Westfield Family Physicians, PC
As a practical expression of their Christian faith, individual doctors from Westfield Family Physicians will occasionally go on sabbaticals for periods of up to three months while they volunteer their services at mission hospitals around the world.
medical missions
Dr. Brautigam
Lugulu, Kenya 1987
Glennallen, Alaska 1998, 2000

Kijabe, Kenya 2005
Kapsowar, Kenya 2009
Kijabe, Kenya 2011
Haiti 2012

Dr. Eggleston
Togo 1990
Ecuador 1995
Alaska 1999
Dominican Republic 2011

Dr. Gorman
Zambia 1984
Bangladesh 1991, 1995

Dr. Kitchen
Kenya 1998
Zambia 2007

Congo 2015
medical missions
medical missions | WFP
The Kitchen Family in Zambia!