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Continuity of care improves quality of care
We require that you choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP). Every effort is made to schedule all your appointments with your chosen PCP. For acute care needs we will try to schedule you with your PCP or someone on their care team.
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Thursday November 23, 2017
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office policies
office policies | Westfield Family Physicians
Your personal insurance policy
You should be aware of what your health plan covers. There are hundreds of plans and it is impossible for us to know what each individual policy offers. If you have questions or are unsure of coverage, call the member services phone number on the back of your card. If you do not have insurance and wish to enroll in a plan, call 1-888-753-7315 (GET COVERED! of Chautauqua County).

We are required to collect your co-pay at the time of service according to your insurance policy’s guidelines. Please be familiar with your co-pay amount and bring your payment with you. For your convenience we accept cash, check, debit cards and credit cards.

Billing questions
Please ask us any questions you have concerning your billing statement. Often issues with your statement are a misunderstanding of your responsibility, according to your health plan. We will work with you and your health plan to correct any mistakes. We do charge a $10 late fee for personal balances over due 60 days.

Self-pay patients

Patients are not denied access to services because of an inability to pay on the date of service. However, patients that do not pay their bills within 120 days may be discharged from our practice.

How we handle concerns/complaints 
We strive to satisfy customers 100% of the time but sometimes may fall short. Please communicate to us any problem that occurs with any part of your visit to the office. Our office manager will meet with you in person or by phone at your convenience if needed. You may receive and fill out a complaint form from one of our receptionists. By listening to your concerns we are better able to meet your needs and improve our practice.
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Your Privacy
The privacy and security of your personal information is important to us.  Please read our Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

Language Services
Clear communication is vital in healthcare. If English is not your preferred language we encourage you to bring an interpreter with you. If language services are needed please let the receptionist know at the time you are scheduling your appointment. We can provide some translation and sign language.

When to go to the Emergency Room
Healthcare should be delivered in the proper setting. We ask that you do not go to the emergency room unless you are having a life threatening issue (urgent chest pain or breathing issues, severe allergic reaction, severe bleeding) or you are directed there by your PCP or our office staff. In a true emergency please call 911. Otherwise always call our office first, including nights, weekends and holidays.
Optimal or same-day access
Our goal is “to meet your need at the time of your need.” Call for an appointment ahead of time or when you need it. We will do our best to schedule your appointment at a time that is good for you. We are often able to honor urgent requests the day you call.

Evening hours and Saturday morning visits
We offer some evening and Saturday morning appointments. A limited number of routine and preventive care appointments are scheduled during those times. This also allows us to meet acute care needs of patients.
Schedule an appointment with WFP today! Schedule an appointment with WFP today!
Canceling Scheduled Appointments
Please cancel scheduled appointments 24 hours in advance so that we are able to make that appointment time available to another patient.

What to bring to your appointments
You should bring insurance cards, drivers license or picture ID, any paper work that needs to be completed, and all of your medications you take regularly.

Referrals to Specialty Care Physician
At times a referral to a specialty care physician may be needed. A referral may be initiated on the day of your visit. Please stop at the referral department after checking out from reception. If you have an existing referral in need of renewal, we ask that you notify us 10 days in advance. Your health plan may require that all referrals to a specialty care physician remain within their network of providers.

Changes in demographics
At times we may need to contact you concerning a healthcare matter. It is extremely important to always let us know when there are changes to your address, phone number (home, work or cell), email, and insurance coverage.
Calling the office after hours
After hours phone calls are transferred to an answering service staffed by a Registered Nurse able to discuss your urgent medical need. If necessary, the nurse will discuss your situation with the on call physician of Westfield Family Physicians, who will return a call to you within 30 minutes.
Preventive Care Medicine
Preventive care (examination and discussion of  prevention of disease and injury) is encouraged by the healthcare providers at Westfield Family Physicians. By being proactive we are able to improve healthcare outcomes. Diet and exercise can improve your health. Medications may be reduced or eliminated depending on changes that you are able to make in your lifestyle choices.

Health History
Your health information is stored in an electronic health record. To keep your electronic health record up to date please notify us of emergency room visits, hospitalizations, transfers to assisted living or rehabilitation, and temporary housing. These are changes that your PCP will need to know when managing your healthcare needs.

All recommended childhood immunizations are given by our office. We participate in the New York State Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) and are able to provide vaccines at no cost to your uninsured children. Adult recommended immunizations are also available, including Zostavax (shingles), tetanus, and Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B.
Medication and Refills
Careful medication management is important to your health and safety. Please bring all of your medication bottles, including those not prescribed at our office, when you come in for an appointment. Please notify your pharmacist if you need a refill on a medication between appointments as we are a part of the Surescripts network and your requests are sent to us electronically from the pharmacy. If you require a written prescription for mail order, syringes or controlled medications, please call our office and your request will be directed to your healthcare provider.
Two difficult issues that we must address
1.  If your account is sent into a collection agency more than once,  you may be discharged from the practice.

2.  It is necessary to cancel appointments one business day in advance of the scheduled time.  Late cancellations are considered a No Show. Three or four No Shows in a one year period of time may lead to your discharge from the practice.